Healthy choices, fueled by science. What does that mean to you?

To me, it means that science is my compass, my guide, my fuel. It allows me to separate fact from fiction, and figure out a productive path forward. Whether we’re talking about what to feed yourself (or your kids), which vaccines to get, what type of exercise to prioritize, or how to preserve your health, science is our best bet.

This publication shares practical insights, rooted in science, on a variety of health topics. It’s also a place to learn about how research is done, and why scientists are often averse to making black and white statements.

About me

I’m a scientist. A geneticist, to be exact. I earned my PhD in genetics at Stanford and spent a decade working in biotech. In those years, I studied the human microbiome, cancer diagnostics, and personalized medicine.

I often lean on my science background to guide my choices, and want to help others do the same. When I became a mother of three, seven years ago, I switched gears and began to focus on my passion project: science communication. Here I am, still sharing, and still learning every day.

Thanks for being part of my journey and the community that chooses - and uses - science.


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This publication shares practical, digestible science about health topics. As a scientist, midlife woman, and mother, I use science to guide my choices, and want to help others do the same.


Scientist (PhD genetics) with a passion for using science to make healthy choices. Lover of nature and fitness. Mom of three kids in Vancouver, Canada.